‘Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge’ is latest viral, vomit-inducing food obsession

Ralph, paper, scissors?

Internet clout-seekers have devised a new foolhardy food challenge in which bozos play the hand-flinging “rock, paper, scissors” game to determine who has to ingest an obscene amount of fast food, as seen in vomit-inducing TikTok videos with millions of views.

Dubbed the “Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge,” this bloat-inducing biathlon sees two contestants play in front of a mountainous plate of high-octane treats.

The loser has to go for a short run while the victor chows down, evoking an eating competition combined with a relay race. When the runner returns, the two play again.

If the competitor who initially won loses, the two trade places so the initial winner goes for a run while the other gorges themselves. If not, they continue eating while the opposing player takes another lap, effectively redefining “fast food.”

“I don’t even know what to eat anymore,” lamented one beleaguered competitor (right) while stuffing her face following her umpteenth lap and gorge session that went viral on TikTok. TikTok/@officialbeastfamily

This hedonistic relay repeats itself until all the vittles are gone with the potential for one competitor to go the entire game sans getting a bite — meaning it could either prove really good or bad for your heart, depending on the outcome.

In most cases, however, both contestants end up running with their collective mouths and bellies full of food, as seen in a viral video of two members of the @officialbeastfamily channel competing for a “Caligula”-worthy spread of Popeyes chicken.

An influencer chows down on Popeye's chicken during the
The process continues until all the food is gone, as seen here in one of numerous clips that have taken over social media. TikTok/@officialbeastfamily

“I don’t even know what to eat anymore,” laments one beleaguered competitor while stuffing her face following her umpteenth lap and gorge session.

The stunt is essentially the glutton’s version of the “dinner date challenge,” in which couples play “rock, paper, scissors” to decide who selects the entrée, main course and dessert.

Apparently, even kids are getting in on the snack-and-field competition. In one clip with over 118,000 views, two tots can be seen figuratively duking it out over a plate of chicken and fries.

Many viewers are enamored with this test of cardiovascular fortitude. “Looks like fun,” gushed one fan, while another dubbed the clip “by far the best one I’ve seen.”

Go figure: the “Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge” isn’t exactly a recipe for good health.

Exercising on a full stomach can lead to cramping, digestive problems and feelings of sluggishness, per health experts, which recommend waiting three to four4 hours after a large meal before running.

Meanwhile, eating quickly itself can increase the risk of health problems, ranging from weight gain to stroke and heart disease.

In other words, people can literally eat their hearts out.

Written by New York Post