Celebrating Knightheart’s Birthday Bash: A Night of Beats, Vibes, and Toledo Legends

In the pulsating heart of Ohio’s music scene, Toledo’s very own rap virtuoso, Knightheart, is gearing up for his 3rd annual birthday bash, set to unfold at Venue 18 in Fostoria TONIGHT February 3rd @ 7pm. This isn’t just another birthday celebration; it’s the third installment in a series that has seen sold-out venues and electrifying performances. 

Knightheart’s previous birthday bashes have took over Frankie’s Inner City, a spectacle that left the crowd raving, and the second iteration, held at the Ottawa Tavern, nearly surpassed its predecessor’s success. Now, with Venue 18 in the spotlight, anticipation is reaching an all-time high for what looks to be a night to remember. 

Knightheart, a luminary in the Toledo Music Scene, has been carving a niche with his distinctive sound. His latest release, “FANGZ,” available on Spotify and Apple Music, is a testament to his creative prowess and has garnered acclaim for its sonic innovation. Knightheart is known for videos like Afraid of Me (featuring Zak Nevers) and Wannabe.

The star-studded lineup for this celebratory evening includes Press Play, the luminary of ToledoBuzz’s Original Movie, “The Yellow Rose.” A cinematic exploration of a local musician’s journey, the movie mirrors the trials and triumphs familiar to artists like Knightheart. The collaborative force of Press Play and Knightheart has birthed hits like “Fast Lane” and “Al Capone,” elevating their partnership to a realm of sonic mastery. 

February 3rd, 2023, is the date etched in every music aficionado’s calendar, as Venue 18 transforms into a haven for revelry. Doors open at 7 pm, and details on securing tickets are available here

Prepare for an auditory feast with performances by Brian Durst, Zak Nevers, FOTY, Craw, MeKo, BigMikeLabLife, Wavy Inc, Kashi Jayy, and Blkbird. This birthday bash is the talk of the town, and one would be remiss to miss out on the spectacle.

Knightheart, here’s to your 22nd – may the celebration echo in the corridors of Toledo’s musical legacy. See you in the limelight! 🎤🎉

Written by Justo Hernandez