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Knightheart Unleashes Sonic Magic in New Music Video for “999”

Prepare for an immersive experience as Knightheart and WellspokenImaging join forces to bring you the music video for “999.” Get ready to dive into a world where beats meet dark imagery and funky guitar riffs, creating a unique artistic narrative.

Directed by WellspokenImaging and the artist, Knightheart, himself, this collaboration showcases the vibrant creativity within Toledo’s music scene. “999” stands out as a track from Knightheart’s album FANGZ, produced by the talented MVNIFVST. The funky guitar playing by Jay Reau adds a layer of sonic richness, making it a must-hear track.

What distinguishes this video is its awesome tempo, perfectly crafted beats, and Knightheart’s impeccable flow. The synergy between the artist and WellspokenImaging is evident in the thoughtful set design and wondrous lighting, guiding viewers through Knightheart’s more sinister-side.

“999 is the introduction to the both the album and the visual world we are developing across the music videos & visual content. It’s a representation of my hunger for the game and my drive to be the best emcee/artist I can be.”


“999” not only offers captivating visuals but also serves as a narrative with purpose. The music video’s visual elements elevate the song to new heights, leaving another lasting impact on Knightheart’s career of cinematic storytelling.

But this collaboration extends beyond the video itself. “999” opens doors to more visual delights from WellspokenImaging and musical gems from Knightheart. It’s an invitation to explore an artistic universe, encouraging the audience to delve deeper into the cultural heartbeat of Toledo.

WATCH:“999” by Knightheart, directed by WellspokenImaging

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Written by ToledoBuzz