Morgan Tyler & Freshie- Shit To Lose (Official Music Video)

The official music video to Morgan Tyler’s ‘Shit To Lose’ single with fellow Ohio native Freshie. 

Directed by: Director Doni ​⁠@directedbydoni 

Instagram:   / morgantylerx2h  

Twitter: / its_morgantyler  

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In association with Head in the Clouds Ent./ Playmakers/ X2H

Concept by Doni and Morgan Tyler


Hook: Okay no tell me sumn new, thought they could replace me they could never fill my shoes, I hear what you say to me, I don’t believe it’s true (true true true) I be living wild but I still got shit lose

(I been living wild!), you looking confused, 

Checking all the outlets wanna see me on the news, spare me from the bullshit, bitch I don’t need an excuse, these scars are not ltemporary feel like they tattoos 

still got shit to lose ayyyee (x3)

Still got shit to lose!

Verse 1: Yeah, posted in the back you see me rollin, then boys outside they poling, cops outside patrolling

Please don’t make a scene (beatX3)

Heard you switched up on the team

Well that’s the other side where the grass ain’t always green

But that just means I’m him: the hardest inna minute, hold up let me finish, did I forget to mention? I just had to introduce my jeweler to my dentist, try to turn the page ‘cus they hang on every sentence/  

Look me in theface am I foreal or I’m fasho,

She love it when I gas her up I never seen her smoke, she told me we perfect cus she love a Scorpio-

Hold up put it in your coat


Freshie: Still got shit to lose! Still gone break the bank, fuck it still gone break the rules! Love me the you hate me girl you really got me confused. Really don’t need nobody so I ain’t really got nothing to prove. All these foreign whips I’m driving how I’m ‘sposed to choose? (Skrt, Skrrrt) Flying in the sky got different views (Different views, yeah) Bitch I’m with my squad no different crews (Different crews, yeah) I just spent a lot just looking n my shoes. I’m like hold up wait tell me something new, tell me anything but just make sure that it’s true. You can tell me anything but you can’t tell me what to do. Red inside my eyes but I’m still counting out this blue. I can’t think about you!



Written by Morgan Tyler