Beyoncé Trends On Social Media For Not Embarrassing Her Fans


Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images

  /  01.27.2024

Since the inception of social media, stan culture has had a sizeable impact on the music industry. Whether it be Rihanna’s Navy, Nicki Minaj’s notorious Barbz or Beyoncé’s BeyHive, fans have found a way to create a community on various sites.

Amidst the heavy discourse around Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj, fans made Beyoncé trend on Twitter because she does not “embarrass” her fan base. The conversation started when a fan tweeted, “Love you down for never talking to us, mamas, Beyoncé, never embarrassed.” The tweet seemingly plays on the idea that the Renaissance songstress doesn’t speak to fans unless she has something to sell.

One fan commented on the post saying, “Love her for only coming to y’all when she needs money from y’all? She hasn’t even given y’all visuals, and it’s been d**n near a year since she released the trailer. I’d actually be pissed that y’all have to rely on the element of surprise.”

While another mentioned, “And y’all love to overlook her & HER FAMILY, the nasty BEHIND THE SCENES [things and] the things that have been done to GET HER WHERE SHE IS. Wanna talk about morals?! [Laughing my a** off]! You pick and choose. Y’all just don’t like Nicki. Next case.”

One supporter pointed to Bey’s mother, Tina Knowles, as someone who serves as a spokesperson for her daughter. The Twitter user said, “Ms. Tina is bridging the gap for us. She gives the little nuggets we need.”

Unlike most stars in music, Beyoncé rarely uses her social media accounts to voice her opinion on anything. Instead, she shares photos or video content that speaks for itself. Stars like Minaj and Cardi B are much more active and utilize features like Instagram Live, Twitter and other apps to connect with their fans in a way that works for them.

Written by Rap-Up