Jacquees Alleges Trey Songz Pulled His Dreads Out During Dubai Brawl: “[He] Can’t Come Back To Atlanta”

Jacquees and Trey Songz

Paras Griffin / Stringer via Getty Images and Scott Dudelson / Contributor via Getty Images

  /  02.02.2024

Jacquees escalated his feud with Trey Songz following a physical altercation in Dubai. He directly called out the “Slow Motion” artist in a video uploaded to social media on Thursday (Feb. 1) night.

“I want the world to know this b**ch a** n**ga Trey Songz is a b**ch, period,” Jacquees stated during an Instagram Live. He later condemned the singer for discussing rape in a club and for initiating their brawl. The Decatur, Georgia native continued, “Then you come outside the club and swing on your little brother. You’s a b**ch. Chris Brown [is] the G.O.A.T.”

Jacquees added, “Aye man, f**k you, b**ch a** n**ga. You’re a rapist, b**ch, and I don’t give a f**k if you tell anybody anything about what we texted. Put the messages on there. F**k you, b**ch a** n**ga. You can never come around me.”

Further fueling the dispute, the King of R&B musician shared and then deleted a photo of severed dreadlocks, attributing the act to Songz during their scuffle. The caption read, “F**k Trey Songz. [He] can’t come back to Atlanta. This n**ga came [into] the club and said I got on a QUE FIT. [THE] WHOLE TIME [THIS] N**GA HATTING! THIS MAN DANCING, INTRODUCING HIMSELF TO N**GAS, ALL TYPE OF S**T.”

Today (Feb. 2), he hopped on Instagram Live to clarify his previous statements. Jacquees explained, “I thought I loved shawty, but God be like, ‘Nope, he ain’t your partner.’ Then you be like, ‘D**n.’ It’s always happened to me like that… That n**ga did it. I don’t know what y’all talking about, but he did it.”

At the time of reporting, Songz has not publicly commented on the allegations. However, he has been active on social media to promote his “LOVE HARD TOUR,” which kicks off in February.

The confrontation occurred amid Songz facing several legal issues, including dismissed lawsuits for sexual assault and rape allegations from incidents spanning several years. Similarly, Jacquees encountered trouble with law enforcement in 2023, resulting in him being arrested for battery.

Written by Rap-Up