Drake Says He Doesn’t Perform “Work” With Rihanna Anymore

Drake & Rihanna

Samir Hussein / Contributor via Getty Ima

  /  02.04.2024

Drake and J. Cole’s first night of the “It’s All A Blur Tour” was filled with excitement, but there was one moment that fans had mixed emotions about. During the 50-plus song setlist, in a clip, Drake and Rihanna’s collaboration “Work” started playing, and he said, “I don’t sing this song anymore. You can sing it for me.”

This statement comes after fan speculation that the “God’s Plan” rapper took shots at his former collaborator on his latest album, For All The Dogs. When the album dropped, the Twitterverse lit up with tweets attempting to put two and two together when they heard the fourth track on the album, “Fear Of Heights.”

On the controversial song, he raps, “I’m anti, I’m anti/ Yeah, and the sex was average with you/ Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you,” seemingly playing on the title of Rihanna’s classic 2016 album, ANTI, which features her hit song “Sex With Me.”

Initially, when the record dropped, popular journalist Heran Mamo boldly stated, “Taking shots at Rihanna while she’s happy raising her own family just because it isn’t with you is peak loser behavior.” Another popular music pundit, Mel Smith, tweeted, “I liken Drake’s descent into paranoia and misogyny to Kanye‘s descent into madness and fame excess. Interestingly, they’ve used their discographies to timestamp their spirals.”

A fan stated under the clip of Drake’s most recent dig at Rihanna, “Nobody asked him. Why would he have it on the setlist if he wasn’t performing it?” Another commenter said, “Drake is still bitter that Rihanna didn’t want to have children with him but did with ASAP Rocky?”

Recently, fans speculated that Rocky took a dig back at Drake in his newest feature with Kid Cudi. The New York artist appeared on the track “WOW.” Listeners honed in on verse two, where Rocky rapped, “Keep it cool, keep it smooth, why you makin’ a scene?/ Plus, my boo got the Glizzy; keep the receipt if it’s beef/Cheffin’ mans, Boyardee, with the latest Goyard/ Me and my vamp bae got our own handshake/ These n***as can’t stomach me, gotta go get a mandrake.”

Though the last bar seemingly references a plant root used for stomach ailments, some fans viewed it as a double entendre for “man, Drake.” Listen to the song below.

Written by Rap-Up