Playboi Carti Faces Backlash After Making A Six-Minute Appearance On Adin Ross’ Livestream

Playboi Carti and Adin Ross

Joseph Okpako / Contributor via Getty Images and Paras Griffin / Contributor via Getty Images

  /  02.05.2024

Playboi Carti made an appearance on Adin Ross’ livestream today (Feb. 5) around midnight. Unfortunately for Opium fans, the experience didn’t last as long as many would’ve hoped it had.

Ahead of the broadcast, Ross revealed that he planned on paying the Atlanta rapper $2 million in cash and giving him a Ferrari. He also wanted to use the opportunity to promote Carti’s forthcoming album, which is expected to drop later this year. However, the “BACKR00MS” artist showed up two hours late wearing a mask to an audience of over 500,000 viewers. To make matters worse, he only spent six minutes on camera in a near-pitch-black room.

Despite a brief interaction where Carti expressed his love for his fans, his departure shortly after receiving a duffle bag full of money from left many questioning his intentions. During a call with 21 Savage, the streamer later revealed that he didn’t pay the full $2 million. 

“Carti came on today. He came, he was like two hours late, and I got him some money because Kick wanted to f**k with him and s**t. He came for six minutes, nodded his head like five times, then left,” Ross said.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, bro, that’s f**ked up. $2 million dollars for six minutes? You paid for six minutes,” Savage reacted. “I just seen you give him a bag of cash. We gotta have a talk when I see you, bro, I’m not gon’ lie.”

The incident left Ross apologizing to his viewers and the owner of Kick, Edward Crarven, for the debacle. “I’m sorry to all you Carti fans, bro,” Ross explained. “I’m really, really sorry. I tried, bro. I f**king tried.” The internet personality also mentioned that he arranged a jet for the rapper’s departure and planned additional compensation for the interview, which he decided against following his abrupt exit.

It notably followed another controversy earlier in the month involving Savage, who was accused of using marked cards during a game with the streamer. Watch the clip below.

Written by Rap-Up