Shopper shocked that an online store actually asked her to tip: ‘Get the f–k outta here’

Talk about tipped-off customers.

An online retailer recently got roasted on social media for offering a tipping option on transactions.

“Now clothing websites want a tip? Get the f–k outta here,” Reddit user eltacticaltacopnw posted with ire.

An irritated customer shared that an online store wanted them to tip. Reddit / @eltacticaltacopnw

They were shopping online at Gothic, a clothing and jewelry cyber retailer known for items like its $38 “tattoos are stupid” t-shirt.

At checkout, the Reddit user discovered an option to tip up to an extra 15% to “support the designer’s talent.”

Gothic sells clothes and jewelry. Instagram /

Very quickly after posting, others online were giving a different kind of 2 cents. One said they won’t be giving the shop their business and will “be avoiding now” at all costs.

“Lol the audacity,” added another.

“A fancy way to say we underpay and overwork our employees,” said a third.

The site nudges customers to leave a tip on items like pricey T-shirts.

Meanwhile, pressure to tip anywhere and everywhere, even when not interacting directly with people, is spreading like the plague.

“Had this a few days ago when I ordered some shirts as well. Broke out laughing as I pressed the nope option,” a fellow Reddit user commented.

About a year ago, another post went viral for an online store pressing people to tip up to 15%.

Written by New York Post