TikToker details how she gives herself ‘mini-nose jobs,’ is mercilessly mocked by trolls

She thinks she nose best.

A Big Apple beauty influencer has been blasted after controversially claiming she’s able to reshape her nose by taping it down before bed.

Isabelle Lux detailed her unconventional hack in a TikTok tutorial that has amassed thousands of views on the social media app.

She added the hashtag “#ReverseAging” to the clip, implying that the method can also help make a more youthful appearance.

“I basically give myself a mini nose job every night before bed,” Lux declared at the outset of the video.

The Gothamite is part of a growing and unverified trend of TikTokers taping themselves up like modern-day mummies in the hopes of beautifying their visage.

To wit, the hashtag #facetape boasts nearly 730 million views on TikTok.

Lux revealed that Kinesio — a tape used by athletes to treat sports injuries — is her brand of choice for bandaging up her schnoz before bed. She advised followers to opt for the “soft touch” variety to avoid abrading one’s face.

“I personally like to create this shape because it creates a little button on my nose,” Lux describes in the clip. TikTok/isabelle.lux

In the clip, Lux cuts both a thin and a thick piece of tape. She subsequently slaps the skinnier strip on the underside of her nose tip.

The bigger swatch, meanwhile, goes across the bridge of her nose a la a Breathe Right strip, giving herself the appearance of a nose job recipient post-op.

“I personally like to create this shape, because it creates a little button on my nose,” Lux describes.

She says she likes to hold down the strip for several seconds after applying to ensure it doesn’t fall off in the night.

The influencer adds that slapping an additional piece of tape over one’s mouth before bed can “help you breathe” as the nose adhesive “expands your nostrils.”

For optimal results, Lux advises taping themselves an hour after receiving skin care.

“Sky’s the limit,” she enthusiastically declared in the clip.

Isabelle Lux demonstrates her nose-taping technique. TikTok/isabelle.lux

In a prior vid, the New Yorker claimed that the beauty hack helps to reduce swelling in the nose.

However, she didn’t explain how it would help defy the aging process.

The Post has reached out to Lux for comment.

Meanwhile TikTok users were also skeptical about her claims that an overnight taping could reshape a schnoz.

“I refuse to believe this does anything,” scoffed one viewer, while another wrote, “To anyone watching this, nose taping DOES NOT reshape the nose and is not what it’s used for.”

“That’s not how it works,” fumed a third about this so-called snake-oil remedy. “You cannot reshape nose without damaging it like surgery or breaking it and then getting it fixed.”

Indeed, the general consensus among medical professionals seems to be that making one’s nose sticky is no substitute for surgery or Botox.

“Botox last anywhere between 3-6 months and paralyzes to the facial muscle the entire time before it wears off, thus preventing muscle movement which leads to fines lines and wrinkles (also known as dynamic rhytides),” Mississippi-based dermatologist Dr. Lindsey Zubritksy explained.

Meanwhile, dermatologist Mamina Turegano, who runs her own practice in Louisiana, declared that while that facial taping can reduce wrinkles, it can only do so temporarily.

“It’s not very realistic, because you would have to use it for prolonged periods during those times you are using facial muscles (basically during your waking hours),” she told The Post. 

Written by New York Post