Pasta dinner in just 1 minute? This viral hack shows how — but there’s a catch

The easiest meal to cook just got even easier.

A clever cook on TikTok shared her “hack” for boiling pasta in just one minute — and it can help cut back on electricity usage.

Pasta is often a go-to dish, but many people don’t know how to tell when it’s done cooking.

The video, shared by @purewow, promises to show viewers “how to cook pasta in 60 seconds” — but there’s a catch.

The first step of the “60-second hack” is to add water to a bowl and put the uncooked pasta into it. She then says you must let the pasta soak for an hour before cooking.

After that initial hour, then the pasta goes into boiled water for just 60 seconds.

“Put pasta in a bowl of water for one hour. Cook pasta in boiling water for one minute. Perfectly al dente,” she said.

While some people appreciated the tip, most commenters were perplexed, pointing out that this process takes 60 seconds … plus 60 minutes.

“So it’s 1 hour and 1 minute,” one person wrote, to which Purewow responded, “It cooks for 1 minute.”

“No Italian will ever do this. Cook it the right way,” another said.

“Plan ahead by one hour…or just cook for 10 minutes?” someone questioned.

“If I really want pasta trust me I cannot wait an hour,” a user quipped.

“But the one hour of prep,” a shocked commenter wrote.

Written by New York Post