Influencer gets fake belly button tattoo — to make herself look…

What lengths would you go to for a little extra height?

To create the illusion of a longer torso, content creator Laura Mejia got a tattoo of her belly button — a fake one, that is.

The TikToker, who boasts 1.8 million followers, shared footage of herself placing the temporary ink higher than her natural belly button to “look taller.”

“These are fake navels and it is a new trend that people in Asia are using,” she said in a video with more than 4 million views, per Jam Press.

“They place it higher so that the torso looks longer, so let’s try it.”

She added: “This is the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

She pressed the faux navel stick-on tattoo to her stomach and sprayed it with water, waiting for it to transfer.

Upon seeing the final results, she said it looked “scary.”

“I feel like instead of looking taller, I’m wider, but it’s because I’m crazy, but I don’t know!” she continued, unsure if it looked realistic or if the hack even worked.

She asked her viewers what they thought, with some saying that it didn’t “look weird” at all, while others were skeptical.

“It is just me or does the fake navel look shorter instead of long?” one person said.

Mejia was skeptical that the so-called hack would even work. Jam Press Vid/@lauramejiar

A woman applying a temporary fake belly button tattoo on her stomach while wearing a black top and white pants.
“This is the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life,” she said. Jam Press Vid/@lauramejiar

“I don’t think it looks like a navel,” snarked another.

“Is it just me or did it make her look smaller?” someone else wrote.

Written by New York Post