Florida fisherman singlehandedly reels in 1,200-lb, 12-foot ‘monster’…

A shark fishing expert landed a monster on a Florida beach Wednesday when he singlehandedly reeled in a 1,200-pound, 12-foot great white shark.

Blaine Kenny, who owns Coastal Worldwide, a shark fishing outfitter and fishing tour group in Pensacola, and his business partner, Dylan Wier, set themselves up on Tuesday night at on Navarre Beach, about 25 miles east of Pensacola, aiming to catch the “biggest sharks possible,” they said on their YouTube channel.

The duo set out on their mission by “using the biggest bait possible” — a head of a 150-pound swordfish head and a head of an 80-pound yellowfin tuna head, The Miami Herald reported.

At 8 a.m. the following morning, there was a tug on Kenny’s line, and he started to reel in the fish.

“He just jumped!”‘ Kenny says in the video.

The entire process took an hour, since Kenny would draw in the fish and it would pull back out into the water. “He’s not letting me take anything,” he explains in the clip, which is close to 25 minutes long.

The impressive feat was captured on video, which was posted on YouTube. Youtube/Coastal Worldwide

“We might have to end up chasing him at some point.”

Weir, who served as Kenny’s spotter, made predictions on what the sea creature could be.

“It’s a big, big wintertime shark,” he says.

Kenny singlehandedly reeled in a 1,200-pound, 12-foot great white shark. Youtube/Coastal Worldwide

“There’s only a few things it can be, a mako, a giant tiger, a white shark or the biggest dusky we’ve ever seen in our lives,” Weir chatters. “We’re just going to play it out, not jump to assumptions, and really does it matter what’s on the other end of that line right now? We have one task at hand and the task is Blaine has to stay locked in. I have to stay locked in.”

With the help of a drone, Wier searched overhead to determine what was on Kenny’s line.

“Look at that, that’s a white shark!” Wier says.

“Oh my gosh, bro,” Kenny replies, and continues to try to bring the shark to shore.

“You did, dude,” Weir continues. “Yeah, that’s a monster, dude, that’s not just any white shark.”

Dylan Wier, Kenny’s business partner, served as his spotter. Youtube/Coastal Worldwide

At one point toward the end of the ordeal, Kenny thought the shark had slipped off the line. “That was terrifying,” he said. “I was gonna be heartbroken.”

He eventually pulled the massive animal onto the shore, but because it was a great white, Weir said it had to get it in and out of the water as fast as possible.

Once Kenny removed the hook from the shark, the animal was released back into the water.

“I’ve said it so many times before,” he gushed. “But truly, truly words cannot describe the feeling of this fish right here.”

Written by New York Post