Sub-zero sculptor carves real working boat out of ice in mesmerizing…

It’s the Good Ship Popsicle.

A Belarusian man put Elsa from “Frozen” to shame after building a fully functional boat — complete with a steering wheel and paddling mechanisms — entirely out of ice.

He showcased his feat of subzero shipbuilding in a series of Instagram posts currently going viral.

The mesmerizing footage shows the real-life Mr. Freeze, named Ivan Karpitsky, piloting the snow boat around the Tsnyanskoe reservoir outside Minsk, Russia, where it was built, Jam Press reported.

Crafting it required Karpitsky to painstakingly carve out and glue large blocks of ice together, and then shape them using various power tools, as seen in a viral clip.

He then meticulously sculpted the boat’s hull and other components using steel tubing as the skeleton.

The wintry welder completed the popsicled pontoon by installing detachable paddle wheels and an old-timey spinning rudder.

Ivan Karpitsky aboard his frozen vessel. Jam Press Vid/@ivan_karpitski
The ice boat cometh. Jam Press/@ivan_karpitski
The boat was Karpitsky’s first work to be entirely made of ice. Jam Press/@ivan_karpitski

Alas, the latter addition is for show only, but you gotta give him props for the ice-thetics.

The automated paddles, on the other hand, are controlled via an onshore power source, lending the vessel the illusion of propulsion (even if it does travel at a glacial pace). Harbin Ice Festival, eat your heart out.

We can only assume that bringing a generator onboard would’ve resulted in a short trip to Davey Jones’ freezer.

The boat was built in Minsk, Russia. Jam Press/@ivan_karpitski

The seaworthy ice sculpture earned Karpitsky a flurry of praise online.

“You are either crazy or genius,” said one fan while another gushed, “You do not cease to amaze.”

”I thought the ship would be docked until spring and we would say goodbye to it, but it really sailed!” lauded a third describing the abominable snow boat.

Karpitsky with an ice castle. Jam Press/@ivan_karpitski

Karpitzky is known for building a variety of unlikely masterpieces out of ice and snow, ranging from boats to castles like some sort of Ice Age “Iron Man.”

However, this is his first opus to be entirely comprised of ice.

Written by New York Post