Passenger opens worst possible meal on train and eats it with fingers…

Is there anything worse than fish in a Tube?

A UK subway passenger recently earned the wrath of fellow commuters after unsealing a package of smelly fish with his bare hands aboard the London Underground, as seen in a TikTok video with more than 375,000 views.

“Not someone eating reduced mackerel on the tube in rush hour,” wrote the video’s appalled poster while detailing their view to a gill. “London is something else.”

In the clip, shot aboard London’s iconic subway system, the offender can be seen nonchalantly opening a package of the oily fish while standing on the train in full view of other riders.

Then, as if that wasn’t revolting enough, the inconsiderate passenger proceeded to tear into the unholy mackerel with their bare hands, according to the poster’s caption.

A straphanger ate mackerel on the London Tube. ggpetrou/Tiktok

Overlay audio can be heard intoning “brother” and “eeeew” in the background of the clip, Although the uploader didn’t disclose how badly it may have, well, smelt.

The clip’s comments section was disabled, but this isn’t the first time a subway rider has revolted fellow passengers with a subterranean seafood snack.

In a much grosser incident in December, a shellfish NYC straphanger was filmed taking up several seats so he could chow down on an entire lobster.

The clip shows the bearded man — garbed in a camo green hat, thick navy jacket and tan khakis — cracking open the crustacean’s shell with his bare hands and feasting on the meat as if at a mobile Maine lobster bake.

Eating on the NYC subway is not explicitly prohibited, although unspoken straphanger etiquette dictates that riders refrain from devouring odiferous foods while in transit.

The MTA even mulled banning metro meals after an infamous food fight in 2011.

The incident involved two passengers who started brawling after one complained about the other’s spaghetti container.

Written by New York Post