ToledoBuzz Chronicles: 2023 Rewind – Glow-Ups, Meltdowns, and All the Vibes! 

Yo, ToledoBuzz Squaaad! 🎉✨
Guess what? It’s that time of the year, and ToledoBuzz is in the holiday groove! 🎄🎁

 Big shoutout to everyone riding the wave with us in 2023 – you guys are the real MVPs. 💪 🚀

 So, peep this: We’ve been on a wild ride this year in 2023, from three website glow-ups to surviving some epic server meltdowns. But guess what? We made it through, stronger and cooler than ever! 🙌

Let’s talk about the ToledoBuzz Top 10 Music Video Countdown – our show that brought the spotlight to the freshest talent in Northwest Ohio. Directors like Brendan Ellison (Mirrorless Cinematics), Tyrell Betts (Director Betts), Carl Allen (MuddyVision), DeAndre Hogue (Hogue Cinematics), and Philip Callahan (OwlVision)! They’re the real magic makers behind the scenes, making Toledo’s entertainment scene come to life! 🎥

And OMG, the artists we featured! – Meche Trejo, PACHUCO, Knightheart, LH Homies, TwentyFoe7evn, Bundy Smith, ShaVazz the Weirdo, and last but not least, Press Play! 🎤

Press Play even rocked as the lead in our very first original movie: “The Yellow Rose.” “The Yellow Rose” isn’t just a documentary; it’s like a backstage pass to Chris Wolfe’s life. The highs, the lows, the whole shebang. 🎬

 As we wrap up 2023, big love to all the artists who made this year lit. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and let’s kick it into 2024 with even more epic vibes! 🎉✨

 Cheers to our awesome ToledoBuzz crew! 🥂🌟

Written by Staff