I’m an urban explorer — I filmed a creepy abandoned jail where…

A man filmed himself exploring an abandoned jail — and what he discovered chilled him to the bone. 

Dave, a Canadian urban explorer and photographer who goes by Freaktography online, recently dared to journey into Windsor Jail in Ontario, Canada, Jam Press reported. 

The jail, which housed criminals as well as political prisoners, shuttered its doors in 2014. 

An archeological find at the jail after its closure revealed a former inmate’s skeletal remains. In 2015, the knee, heel and toe bones of a man were found in the southwest corner of the yard, which was previously a gravesite. 

Though not confirmed, it’s believed that the remains are those of Peter Beyak, who was hanged in 1933 for the murder of Jessie Nehbereski, The Windsor Star reported in 2015. Beyak’s hanging was one of three that ever occurred at the jail. 

Dave’s video toured the grounds of the abandoned site and gave viewers some of its history.

“This forgotten relic was constructed in 1925 and served as a correctional facility,” he said. 

“Coming through the doors, you walked up some stairs and into the processing room. Cells had plexiglass on them, as well as bars. The cells looked terrible, there was no privacy, and there was no power at all, so it was very dark,” he explained. 

Windsor Jail was closed in 2014. Jam Press/Freaktography
Dave, an urban explorer who goes by Freaktography, recently filmed himself navigating the jail. Jam Press/Freaktography
The jail housed inmates and even political prisoners. Jam Press/Freaktography

The 35,000-square-foot jail was surrounded by ominous 20-foot cement walls and was built with gallows in the third-floor hallway, The Windsor Star reported. The trap door in the jail was shuttered after Canada banned capital punishment in 1976.

After its closure, the jail “underwent a transformation, both physically and in purpose,” Dave explained on his website. 

After the jail closed, the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services tore the locks off of the jail cells, making it an ideal place for Dave and other urban explorers to sneak in, The Sun reported. The delipidated jail has also been vandalized numerous times. 

The jail has been vandalized with graffiti ever since it closed. Jam Press/Freaktography
Archaeologists found human remains at the jail in 2015. Jam Press/Freaktography
Dave talked about the jail’s history as he showed people the abandoned premises. Jam Press/Freaktography

In addition to his Freaktography website, Dave has 24,000 followers on his Freaktography Instagram page and more than 88,000 YouTube subscribers. He posted a video of himself exploring the jail on all his channels, and his fans couldn’t help but comment.

“Interesting explore, Dave. Those cells are tiny. Double door cell could have been a Solitary cell. Somewhat creepy with all the loud creaky doors. Be an interesting place at night,” one YouTube commenter said. 

“You could make a horror movie in that tunnel,” another added.

The creepy jail is 35,000 square feet. Jam Press/Freaktography

“That was a really cool explore. I’m surprised you didn’t get lost in there,” said a third. 

The Post reached out to Freaktography for comment.

Written by New York Post